Webinar: On-demand secure programming training – How to mitigate the risk of software vulnerabilities – 23 Apr. 2021

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In this webinar, we will discuss the challenges software engineering faces to mitigate vulnerability risks and how HackEDU helps development teams.

HackEDU offers online and on-demand interactive training for secure development, based on the active involvement of developers with the aim of reducing the risk of vulnerabilities in the code.

Thanks to  HackEDU training, developers improve their ability to write secure software while increasing their understanding of how applications are hacked.

Training with HackEDU is different in that it focuses on offensive training which is more interesting and engaging than defensive training alone as it stimulates the developer’s interest in problem solving.

Webinar Agenda:
1. Introduction – Software engineering, quality and cost: today’s challenges
2. HackEDU’s approach to training
3. Demo of a training session
4. Q&A

Do you want to know more about HackEDU? Go to the related page and download the whitepaper.