Training – Security Awareness

Not all companies have the time and resources to put effective security awareness training into practice. Thanks to the experience of its professionals, Advanction is able to develop courses completely tailored to the security needs of your company, aligned with your corporate culture and business needs.
We create courses that comply with the customer’s security policies and create engaging scenarios to effectively convey the message through the training module.
Our program also includes ancillary elements, such as a monthly newsletter and work support tools, to provide a constant stream of tips and best practices that users can use immediately in order to increase company security.

Characteristics of our courses

  • Courses in the classroom or in e-learning mode
    Courses can be delivered in the classroom with the presence of company staff, or through e-learning platforms
  • Content adaptable to the needs of the customer
    Every company is unique and even a training program must be. We are not talking about changing just the logo and the links of the course, but making sure that users learn, understand and adapt to specific company policies and procedures. Advanction is able to produce contents fully adapted to the needs of the client, consistent with the corporate culture and involving the learners.
  • The language you want
    Our courses can be completely translated into various languages, so that even non-Italian speaking audiences can take advantage of the same training experience.
  • A Learning Management System adaptable to every need
    In addition to content, Advanction is also able to offer a Learning Management System, which is a complete web system for teaching management. The system can be integrated into the corporate network, allowing LDAP synchronization and Single-Sign-On, or it can be hosted by Advanction’s servers, thus freeing the company from managing the platform.
  • An engaging and interactive program
    Involving learners and keeping their attention are essential requirements for each e-learning course. Our courses are designed to capture attention with challenging scenarios, simulations and real stories, conjugated with high interactivity and fast rhythms.
  • A monthly newsletter with updated news
    Our monthly newsletters are much more than just a summary of the topics covered by a course, as they include useful articles and suggestions, put into context and therefore practicable, to enhance the learning approach and better adapt the behavior of employees.
  • Compatibility with e-learning standards
    All our e-learning courses are compatible with the SCORM standard, so that they can be easily hosted by a Learning Management System already available in the company